Welcome to Heart and Soul Coach

A big warm hearted welcome to my new site, if you are new to my work, I am delighted to connect with you and if you have been part of my circles for awhile, I honour your loyalty. Either way I believe it’s meant to be.

I am so glad you are here. πŸ’—πŸ’š

My intention is to be braver, more authentic and way less edited than previously. Like many of us I was raise at a time when children were to be seen and not heard and good girls knew their place. I have spent a lot of my life being scared to truly be me.

I have spent many years, well over 20 being a diligent student of personal development, learning firstly that I am not my mind and knowing that, learning how to direct my mind towards what I desire in my life.

I am all for positive thinking and focusing on what we want to create and using vision boards to vision a life of my dreams. Been there done that, even got the T-shirt however…………… there is another truly empowering piece, and that is healing trauma.

I first came to know this after an experience I had many years ago. I was on a school camp with my eldest son and one of the students cut their leg quite significantly and we waited for 45 minutes for the paramedics to arrive. The student was in a lot of pain. I was one of the women talking him through his pain.

It wasn’t until weeks later, after seeing the students situation on repeat every time I closed my eyes that I understood I had unintegrated trauma.

I sort professional support and was able to integrate what I had experienced. What I didn’t realise was that I had triggered a core wound. The wound of fear of suffering – which I have traced back to being about 3 or 4 years of age. Both my parents worked so my sister and I attended a day care.

This day care was shonky to say the least – too many kids in a very undesirable setting. One day as my dad dropped us off my sister began to cry, begging my father not to leave us there. Once my father left the woman in charge locked my sister in a cupboard for crying and causing a scene. I sat outside that cupboard trying desperately to console my sister. From that day on I have not dealt well with seeing others suffer, probably why I’ve chosen the work I have, so there is an upside.

Trauma is all about energy held in our bodies. When something occurs that shocks our system our bodies contract as a way of protecting us and if we don’t release that energy it stays with us and gets reactivated anytime we are reminded of something even remotely close to the original situation. Sound familiar, you are not alone.

Our bodies are a powerful gateway to let us know what is ready to be healed. We can do some of this ourselves with our journals and in our meditation however often we require the support of another, someone who can hold the space so we can find safety in our system so the energy can be integrated. This is what I offer. To hold space for you to heal.

I look forward to our journey and to supporting you to heal and live freely as you.

Until next time,

much love,

Kym πŸ’—πŸ’š

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